On behalf of the Vestry, I am pleased to announce that on June 13 at our Vestry Meeting, the Search Committee put forth a candidate to be the new rector of Christ Church.  The Vestry met with the candidate on June 23rd and then I met with the candidate again on June 24th.  The Vestry had a special meeting on June 27 and voted to accept the Candidate.  Canon Stuart Wright, Canon for Transitions, was notified that evening.


The Letter of Agreement was received on July 8, signed by the Sr. Warden, and sent on to Canon Stuart Wright to have Bishop Sutton sign the Letter of Agreement.  This was signed on July 10.  Until the LOA was signed, no announcement could be made.


I am happy to report that The Rev. Christopher M. Garcia has accepted the position of Rector for Christ Church.  He would like to be called Fr. Christopher or Christopher.  He will start on October 1, 2017.  Fr. Christopher retired from the Army as Colonel after 25 years of active service as a lawyer in the US and abroad.  He graduated cum laude from Virginia Theological Seminary and cum laude from Cornell University Law School.


He has been married to Cheryl since 1990, has two children, Elizabeth, age 23, elementary school music teacher, Arkansas, Teach for America; and Thomas, age 21, junior at the College of William and Mary on a ROTC scholarship.


He is Rector at Emmanuel, Greenwood near Charlottesville, VA.  He was Assistant Rector at Christ Church Georgetown, and was Seminarian at St. Peter’s. Purcellville, VA.


We will be putting information on our website, sending out a notice on Constant Contact, putting information in The Bell, and on Facebook.


The Vestry and I would like to thank the Search Committee – Beverly Lusby, Chair, Linda Battenfield, Parran Briscoe, Fr. Kent Booth, Russell Costley, Melissa Dell, Will McCready, Sharon Myers, Norman Prince, and Philip Yeats; and the Profile Committee – Melissa Dell, Chair, Aurelio Azpiazu, Terri Beck, Nina Cavin, Peggy Cochran, Richard Dodds, Bart Ewalt, Chloe Ewalt, Bob Graham, Frank Griggs, and Donnie McCready, for the challenging times they have been through to get us to this point.


Nancy W. Zinn, Sr. Warden


New Rector’s Letter to Christ Church

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