Many thanks to all those who so generously contributed to our “Campaign to Restore the Stained Glass Windows of  Christ Church”!

The restoration work has already begun on several of the windows and was completed ahead of schedule. The 4 windows on the front of the church have been restored and cleaned as well as the large window above the altar (see below). The remainder of the windows will be completed over this fall and the Spring of 2018.

Campaign to Restore the Stained Glass Windows of Christ Church donation form

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 Campaign to Restore the Stained Glass Windows of  Christ Church


Dear Parishioners,

“No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and gives light to all in the house.”  These words of Matthew 5:15 ring so true here at Christ Church, where our stained glass windows, illuminated by the sun, invite us to “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” Now these windows, one of the glories of Christ Church, are in need of our support.  It has been many years since they have received professional attention, and the passage of time, changes of season, and the sunlight itself, all have taken their toll.

In 2016, the church engaged Epiphany Studios of Front Royal, Virginia, to complete a conservation assessment of the windows.  Not surprisingly, all the windows are in need of varying degrees of work.  The good news is that everything can be fully restored.  However, the work is labor intensive and the cost is high, beyond the church’s operating budget.

Christ Church has a total of fifteen stained glass windows.  The proposal from Epiphany Studios outlines a preservation program that is broken up into five phases over three years (see attached).  The vestry has agreed to fund Phase I (windows 10 and 11 on the west end of the church) because they are in need of immediate attention.  The cost to preserve these two windows is $6,373.33. The remaining four phases, comprising thirteen windows, will cost $46,962 to complete.  The costs have been itemized in the attachment, with the total cost for each window indicated in the column outlined in red.

The wardens and all members of the vestry have pledged to contribute to the restoration project, and we invite each of you to join us.  You may have a favorite window you would like to contribute to, or you may wish to make a general contribution to the overall project.  An insert is enclosed to indicate your preference.  Most of the existing stained glass windows were provided as memorial gifts, and this information is noted.  You may know of family descendants that are not currently affiliated with the church or who have moved away, but who might be interested in donating to the project if contacted.  On completion of the project, a plaque will be installed in the narthex acknowledging those parishioners and friends of Christ Church whose generous support helped preserve the stained glass windows. All contributions to the window preservation fund are tax deductible.

Work will not be continuous during this period of restoration, and will take into account any services in the church.  Parishioners will be kept informed of planned work and have an opportunity to talk to the craftsmen while on-site.  Regular updates will be provided in the Bell.  Questions about the project can be directed to Richard Dodds, Junior Warden.

Please consider making a donation to help preserve our beautiful windows, so they will remain a pillar of our worship now and for future generations. May God continue to bless this magnificent church in the years to come.


The Vestry of Christ Church

CHRIST CHURCH Calvert County, Maryland